Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nashta at Gupta Ji's

Heyy guys !!

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, got me googling about making the best out of it. I was not surprised to find out so many search result.

One of them was from our very own Kellogg’s. Our very own trusted brand. I have grown up eating corn flakes and chocos and still prefer having it as the first meal of my day. It keeps me energized for the tiring journey throughout the day.

Kellogg’s has launched this series of breakfast tweaks known as Kellogg’s waale Guptaji ka nashta. This is an amazing initiative which features more than 100 recipes for all your breakfast needs. You can log on to their youtube channel or their facebook page and have a new, exciting and healthy breakfast each day for months.
I would love to go to Gupta Ji to attend breakfast as I don’t think anybody could resist such tempting feasts for breakfast.

I have seen breakfast buffets at the biggest of hotels but this youtube channel is making me go crazy and even though while I write this, it is time for lunch I crave for breakfast. With so many yummylicious flavors, breakfast has never been better. Who thought there was so much scope for innovation in breakfast.

With all of working our asses off and having no time for a good nutritious breakfast, Guptaji’s breakfast solves every anomaly and gives you a perfect, easy to make recipe.

I would even have loved Guptaji as my neighbor, then there would been no need to fuss about everyday’s breakfast and I could knock on the next door and get my daily nutrition supplement ;)

But since that is not the case I’ll have Kellogg’s help me along the way.
Anyways Guptaji’s breakfast treat would be awesome in so many ways that it is even hard to explain. I’ll be able to stay energetic all day with all that energy I gain from all the nutrients. There is no need to worry about my breakfast getting monotonous because with more than 100 delicacies and I’m sure that it would never get boring with Guptaji and his nashta :D  

     Guptaji and his family seem so amazing that it would be so hard to contain myself to not have breakfast or to even think of it. Everything looks so delicious and the way all the dishes have been prepared make it really really difficult to keep my hands off of it.
A perfect start to the day is all I want after watching these amazing videos.
All I want is to be at Guptaji’s place for breakfast and eat like there is no tomorrow.

You too could be a part of this amazing treat. Just log on to Kellogg’s channel and start making these for yourself. You don’t need Guptaji to help you start your day perfectly. All you need is some amazing Kellogg’s products and VOILA !! 

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