Thursday, May 14, 2015

The magical app :)

Long time no blogging !!

I write this on my way to Gulmarg from Srinagar. The scenic beauty fills my heart with immense pleasure and the greenest of lush green valleys pass before my eyes like someone sprayed this land with a green paint.
It has been rightly said that if there's heaven on this earth, it is here.

As I climb up my way through the mountains, the most amazing thing I feel is that I have no network drops. The network connectivity here astonishes me. A full fledged 3G network helps me achieve my deadlines and stay connected with my friends as well. All thanks to Airtel. :) 

I came across this amazing app as I had to pay my bill, MY AIRTEL APP. Amazing work by the guys at Airtel. A multipurpose app to handle all your mobile needs. You can get this amazing app at GO and get it now !! 

My Airtel App with its simple and intuitive design helps you manage all your DTH, Broadband, Prepaid & postpaid services in one place. Apart from amazing offers for post paid and pre paid users it also helps you pay your bills, recharge your DTH, track account usage, track service requests, buy products, add your family & friends’ numbers and much more. It's the simplest way to manage all your Airtel services through your handset. 

What I like most about My Airtel App is its compatibility and I really like how the app runs smoothly even when I do not have 3G network. I can pay my bills to all my airtel connections anywhere. There are these amazing cashbacks and offers that you get when you download it. You have so many tempting offers that you end up paying your bill before time :P 
The handyness of the app is what makes it worthwhile. In the world of apps and strict timelines this app comes as a savior. I can not recall how many times it has saved me. 

Secondly there is this "I want to " section that helps you save your preferences and later you can come back and repeat the regular transaction hassle free. You have these amazing buy, order, pay , recharge, record and view options through which you can ease all your transactions and without worries and any delay. 

Last but not the least, The wnyk music app is embedded into the my airtel app which makes it an entertainment center as well. You can listen to your favorite songs on the go and never be bored. It acts as a perfect companion for a solo traveller, a mood setter for a group of people and a trend for the youth. 

The app stayed with me through all my trip and helped me enjoy my trip to the best.  

Hope you guys also get the chance to try this amazing app. Do give your insights if you happen to try it. 

Cheers !! Until next time !!

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