Saturday, March 14, 2015

Muaaahhhh !!

Hi guys. What's up??  This week's blog is about the days that we have all gone through and I hope you are able to connect with this.

This is about my school farewell a few years back! I keep reminiscing about those glory days often. Days of fun, days of chai paranthe at 3am, days of kicking the birthday boy, days of thunder haha. I am sure most of you reading this by now must have started thinking about your school days and the amazing memories attached to them.
Usually the most memorable days in school are the ones when your crush gives you a tiny hint which is enough to keep you happy for the rest of your lives and mine is no different. I had a huge crush on a girl since the day I saw her, super confident as I was, I went to her and started talking and she was mesmerizing! We soon became really good friends but there were somethings I could just not say to her, no matter how much I wanted to shout out seeing her, everything used to go in a box of trash as soon as I used to see her walking towards me! We were super fond of each other and I thought telling her wasn't really necessary now. We used to hang out all the time, used to study together, have meals together! School staff, as weird as they are thought it's time to poke their big bloody noses called us in the head office one day. My heart was racing! I thought this will be the end! How much I wanted to tell her what I felt all along. We stood in front of our principal, honestly I don't remember shit about that lecture. There were voices in my head saying that this is gone now when suddenly, I looked towards her, my principal had turned around for something! she looked at me and winked! ;) oh I realized this was so on :D
Soon after that, all the hiding started , meeting like we don't know each other walking behind walls, writing behind books (yes we were in school years ago , had no cell phones, life wasn't easy :p )
But I still couldn't gather myself up to tell her how much she meant to me! Prep leaves started so we couldn't see each other everyday and it all became very grey! Farewell was coming, I was excited  I would meet her soon after a while and I thought I'll tell her. I saw her that night wearing a sari and I swear there has never been anyone or anything that beautiful! AND To my surprise she came, straight towards me, I was in my classroom alone waiting for her, and she kissed me!! And I really don't have to say who and what made this day so memorable !
This might seem a bit unrealistic but believe me it is very true.
If you too are scared out of your guts to express your feelings just like me, gibe it your best shot and who knows when you might get lucky.  The most memorable day of your life might be around the corner.

Cheers !!

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