Sunday, March 22, 2015

The unexpected little happiness


Ssup people!! How’s it going guys? Having fun? Living life?

So I’m back with another post this week. Before starting have a look at

And this amazing video by Coca Cola. Coke has always been so great with their advertisements. They always come up with stuff that is very unconventional and so creative. This one includes the young heartthrob Sid Malhotra and the very cute Alia Bhatt. There is no reason to not like this one.

As the Coco Cola ad suggests “open happiness”, today in this post I’m going to open some of the little stuff that gives me immense pleasure or say that can make my day.

For instance, just last night I had to go pick up some relative from the airport. Airport being 15 kms from my home, I was a bit hesitant on the drive and was trying to fix my brother to go and pick him up. But the plan failed and I was stuck with the job. I was all prepared to be bored for 60 minutes of clutching and braking. But to my surprise as soon the engine turned on, the radio was playing one of my favorite song. I don’t know how often does this happen to you , but for me this is like the best thing that could happen before a depressing long drive. And to my astonishment, the drive turned out to be even better with very less traffic and a cool breeze. So I was on my way to pick up a guest with the best music thumping out the speakers and an amazing long drive to the airport. This is something that might not matter to someone and you might also think, who listens to radio? Why not plug in aux and listen to your favorite song anytime, but let me tell you the pleasure that one song would give you when it plays on radio is much more than having it with you and playing it anytime.

It’s all about timing believe me. You cannot be happier getting the right things at the right time. Life has so many simple pleasures that make it worth living. These are what help us cope up with life’s dullness. These are what that help us look forward.

Some other instances for such little pleasures would be getting surprised by your friends or family members, getting those amazing lovely messages from your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Those unexpected little bonuses, those small gifts by your employer, those small little favors some stranger does for you, those fights for the last piece of pizza. 

You barely think that such small things could affect your life, but you cannot be more wrong. These are the things that shape your life for better. These small things make a mark on you and you would definitely remember such instances for long. 

Therefore, What I would suggest is, take life as it comes and enjoy every small piece of happiness that comes along your way, because you never know when life would take a turn and even these small happiness would seem precious. 

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