Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nashta at Gupta Ji's

Heyy guys !!

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, got me googling about making the best out of it. I was not surprised to find out so many search result.

One of them was from our very own Kellogg’s. Our very own trusted brand. I have grown up eating corn flakes and chocos and still prefer having it as the first meal of my day. It keeps me energized for the tiring journey throughout the day.

Kellogg’s has launched this series of breakfast tweaks known as Kellogg’s waale Guptaji ka nashta. This is an amazing initiative which features more than 100 recipes for all your breakfast needs. You can log on to their youtube channel or their facebook page and have a new, exciting and healthy breakfast each day for months.
I would love to go to Gupta Ji to attend breakfast as I don’t think anybody could resist such tempting feasts for breakfast.

I have seen breakfast buffets at the biggest of hotels but this youtube channel is making me go crazy and even though while I write this, it is time for lunch I crave for breakfast. With so many yummylicious flavors, breakfast has never been better. Who thought there was so much scope for innovation in breakfast.

With all of working our asses off and having no time for a good nutritious breakfast, Guptaji’s breakfast solves every anomaly and gives you a perfect, easy to make recipe.

I would even have loved Guptaji as my neighbor, then there would been no need to fuss about everyday’s breakfast and I could knock on the next door and get my daily nutrition supplement ;)

But since that is not the case I’ll have Kellogg’s help me along the way.
Anyways Guptaji’s breakfast treat would be awesome in so many ways that it is even hard to explain. I’ll be able to stay energetic all day with all that energy I gain from all the nutrients. There is no need to worry about my breakfast getting monotonous because with more than 100 delicacies and I’m sure that it would never get boring with Guptaji and his nashta :D  

     Guptaji and his family seem so amazing that it would be so hard to contain myself to not have breakfast or to even think of it. Everything looks so delicious and the way all the dishes have been prepared make it really really difficult to keep my hands off of it.
A perfect start to the day is all I want after watching these amazing videos.
All I want is to be at Guptaji’s place for breakfast and eat like there is no tomorrow.

You too could be a part of this amazing treat. Just log on to Kellogg’s channel and start making these for yourself. You don’t need Guptaji to help you start your day perfectly. All you need is some amazing Kellogg’s products and VOILA !! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The unexpected little happiness


Ssup people!! How’s it going guys? Having fun? Living life?

So I’m back with another post this week. Before starting have a look at http://CokeURL.com/96jnc.

And this amazing video by Coca Cola. Coke has always been so great with their advertisements. They always come up with stuff that is very unconventional and so creative. This one includes the young heartthrob Sid Malhotra and the very cute Alia Bhatt. There is no reason to not like this one.

As the Coco Cola ad suggests “open happiness”, today in this post I’m going to open some of the little stuff that gives me immense pleasure or say that can make my day.

For instance, just last night I had to go pick up some relative from the airport. Airport being 15 kms from my home, I was a bit hesitant on the drive and was trying to fix my brother to go and pick him up. But the plan failed and I was stuck with the job. I was all prepared to be bored for 60 minutes of clutching and braking. But to my surprise as soon the engine turned on, the radio was playing one of my favorite song. I don’t know how often does this happen to you , but for me this is like the best thing that could happen before a depressing long drive. And to my astonishment, the drive turned out to be even better with very less traffic and a cool breeze. So I was on my way to pick up a guest with the best music thumping out the speakers and an amazing long drive to the airport. This is something that might not matter to someone and you might also think, who listens to radio? Why not plug in aux and listen to your favorite song anytime, but let me tell you the pleasure that one song would give you when it plays on radio is much more than having it with you and playing it anytime.

It’s all about timing believe me. You cannot be happier getting the right things at the right time. Life has so many simple pleasures that make it worth living. These are what help us cope up with life’s dullness. These are what that help us look forward.

Some other instances for such little pleasures would be getting surprised by your friends or family members, getting those amazing lovely messages from your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Those unexpected little bonuses, those small gifts by your employer, those small little favors some stranger does for you, those fights for the last piece of pizza. 

You barely think that such small things could affect your life, but you cannot be more wrong. These are the things that shape your life for better. These small things make a mark on you and you would definitely remember such instances for long. 

Therefore, What I would suggest is, take life as it comes and enjoy every small piece of happiness that comes along your way, because you never know when life would take a turn and even these small happiness would seem precious. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Muaaahhhh !!

Hi guys. What's up??  This week's blog is about the days that we have all gone through and I hope you are able to connect with this.

This is about my school farewell a few years back! I keep reminiscing about those glory days often. Days of fun, days of chai paranthe at 3am, days of kicking the birthday boy, days of thunder haha. I am sure most of you reading this by now must have started thinking about your school days and the amazing memories attached to them.
Usually the most memorable days in school are the ones when your crush gives you a tiny hint which is enough to keep you happy for the rest of your lives and mine is no different. I had a huge crush on a girl since the day I saw her, super confident as I was, I went to her and started talking and she was mesmerizing! We soon became really good friends but there were somethings I could just not say to her, no matter how much I wanted to shout out seeing her, everything used to go in a box of trash as soon as I used to see her walking towards me! We were super fond of each other and I thought telling her wasn't really necessary now. We used to hang out all the time, used to study together, have meals together! School staff, as weird as they are thought it's time to poke their big bloody noses called us in the head office one day. My heart was racing! I thought this will be the end! How much I wanted to tell her what I felt all along. We stood in front of our principal, honestly I don't remember shit about that lecture. There were voices in my head saying that this is gone now when suddenly, I looked towards her, my principal had turned around for something! she looked at me and winked! ;) oh I realized this was so on :D
Soon after that, all the hiding started , meeting like we don't know each other walking behind walls, writing behind books (yes we were in school years ago , had no cell phones, life wasn't easy :p )
But I still couldn't gather myself up to tell her how much she meant to me! Prep leaves started so we couldn't see each other everyday and it all became very grey! Farewell was coming, I was excited  I would meet her soon after a while and I thought I'll tell her. I saw her that night wearing a sari and I swear there has never been anyone or anything that beautiful! AND To my surprise she came, straight towards me, I was in my classroom alone waiting for her, and she kissed me!! And I really don't have to say who and what made this day so memorable !
This might seem a bit unrealistic but believe me it is very true.
If you too are scared out of your guts to express your feelings just like me, gibe it your best shot and who knows when you might get lucky.  The most memorable day of your life might be around the corner.

Cheers !!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The day I started saying NO !!

Hey guys. Hope you all are doing well. Today I’m going to share a simple step that has turned my life around. I could have never imagined how a simple word can change your life to such a great extent.

The power of NO. The power to say NO. The power to live with your decisions and doing what you love. The power of living it your own way.

If you met me few months ago, you would’ve said that I was a big kissass. I myself would have dejected me if I met myself a few months ago. I was living my life for others. All I did was to please others. I kept my self on the backseat and gave everyone else the steering wheel of my life.

It all started with a spectacular step that brought around this catastrophic change in my life. I had this epiphany about life and what I was doing and what I wasn’t. It was soon that I realized that there was nothing that I was doing for myself. All that I did was either for someone or because of someone.
Others had taken a toll on my life. It wasn’t a life worth living. Believe me. All my plans, all my dreams, all my wishes burned down to ashes.

Then came the day I decided to start saying NO to things I didn’t want to do. NO to things I didn’t even enjoy doing. That was the day I was reborn. I had finally started living life. I had finally started enjoying life. I was the one in control.

I did not have to go out with friends when I wanted to sleep, I did not have to do stuff when I was reading, I no longer had to put up with other people’s crap when all I wanted to do was get the hell out of there.

I became a free bird. I am a free bird now. And you have to take my word on this, this is the best feeling ever.
The message through this blogpost would be to start doing what you like and see the changes in your life. If you too have been living for someone else, for once try this out and see the results for yourselves.

There is never a better time to start living for yourself, then now. I have been in both the situations and I would never recommend any of you to be that guy who doesn’t live for himself.
There is a huge difference in being selfless and living for others. A selfless person does not sacrifice his will for making others happy. He just does not care about his happiness and keeps other above him.

So the plan is to say NO to stuff that you don’t feel like doing. There are no repercussions to this, only advantages. Stop thinking what others think about you. And start believing in yourself.
To end this post have a look at this amazing advertisement by https://housing.com/.

Cheers !!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We found love in a hopeless place !!

The title of the post is a song by Rihanna, but it has been the most apt title I could have given to this post.

Sometimes in life you get what you expect the least and the other times life surprises you with tremendous amounts of hop, love and peace.

This recently happened to me when I had gone for this 15 days communication and general management programme in Ahmedabad.  I have lived in Jaipur for most of my life and needed a change of scenery so I decided to go through this mandatory training in Ahmedabad where some of my cousins lived.  The thought behind doing so was, since the training was compulsory I had to attend it and with cousins it would be a lot of fun.  I could explore the city, have some fun times and enjoy 15 days of my life.

The thing is I wasn't expecting a lot out this training plus the gujju fraternity has never excited me.  So the purpose was to complete the training anyhow, have some fun times with cousins and be on my way.