Sunday, February 1, 2015

The fine line between a chat and a phone call

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I recently came across a situation that made me think about the pros and cons of a phone call over a simple text chat. 

Though not a very big issue but many of us are inclined towards talking on the phone rather than chatting or texting coz it feels a bit more personal. But what about when you do not want to talk to your caller, wouldn't a simple text message or chat be better than calling.  
My personal preference is chatting rather than talking on the phone. In this post I am going to give you 3 reasons why the former is better than the latter. Not to change any personal perceptions but if you could make good out of any advice, use it. If not, consider this as a fun read and move on :) 

Recently I wrote a post about how helped me move to Bangalore and made the transition really very smooth. Today I'm gonna discuss a bit more about the website and its new feature Quikr NXT. 

Quikr NXT is this amazing addition to an already superb app through which you can chat with the prospective buyer or seller inside the app without having to call him. 

According to me this is a very useful feature and would definitely help the app get more traffic and more users because earlier some people did not post on the website/app just because they didn't want those calls every 5-10 minutes asking about the product. So the reason number 1 is very clear and I am sure whoever has ever sold or bought a product on Quikr is aware of the huge number of calls that one would get shortly after posting the ad. The Quikr NXT solves this problem from head to toe. Now you do not have to give your phone number on the ad. Just select the option of Quikr NXT and you wouldn't get those annoying calls for negotiating the price. You just have to open the app when you need to check up on updates about your product and voila !! You can contact whoever you want and diss whom you don't.

The second reason in favour of chatting over calling would be better explained with this example. Imagine you are in a super important meeting and a prospective buyer calls you up and asks for the price of that 60 year old transistor that you posted on Quikr :P 
Wouldn't that be a bit irritating? I think it would be.  So this is where Quikr NXT comes to the rescue again. Just drop in a message to the seller and he would contact you once he is in a position to talk things through.   

The third reason why I think a chat would be more helpful than calling up a prospective buyer or seller is because you can express yourself better over text and help the other person about your requirement clearly. It happens to me quite often that the caller on the other side is from some other descent and it makes it really difficult to understand him/her over the phone call. Quikr NXT would really come in handy at these times. 

Hope you liked the post. See you soon :) 


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