Saturday, January 24, 2015

A bolder proposal :)

Soon it will be that time of the year again. Those seven days of pure love. Those seven days of thinking things over and choosing the best surprises for the love of your life. The Valentine's week.

Challenging your mind to get something creative that would make her go "aww". Selecting her favorite flowers, selecting the best gifts, the over rated and over budget imported chocolates.

Truth be told, I've never done any of these things EVER !!. Rather I've always thought these to be too cheesy and gimmicky. But then again I have never felt the way for anyone that I feel for her now. Lets not give her a name and mention 'her' as 'her' ;)

So today when I was browsing the World Wide Web I came across this super fun website from the Close up What they have planned for this Valentine's is a bold way to propose your crush. You spin the close up tube and whatever the dare comes you have to do that in order to win some amazing prizes and of course win the love of your crush.

Inspired by the idea I tried my luck and got a amazing dare to put up a special message in glow in the dark paint.

So to plan things further I am thinking of taking help of a few of my friends, her mom (who by the way is a sweetheart) and planning to propose her on the Valentine's day, as cheesy as it may sound ;)

What I am planning is to paint her room in a pink glow in the dark color (Pink being the favorite color of her and every other girl on the planet ) with my proposal to her.  Going into the details, I plan on wooing her everyday of the Valentine's week just like every other guy would do and then with the final proposal that would probably sweep her off her feet.
Or on the contrary I could act normal the whole week and let this amazing gesture be a surprise for her. Do tell which one sounds better to you ?

Knowing her a bit makes me think that this would definitely be a relationship starter for us as she loves surprises and doing such a romantic act for her would definitely give me some brownie points on the romantic front.
To end up the proposal I would get down on one knee and do the routine ;) I know this sounds a bit monotonous and common but this would be a first time for me. Also I think she would appreciate all the gestures knowing how much I hate these kind of things :)

I hope all goes well and this does not blow up in my face, coz she might get a bit angry when she sees her room has been spoilt with all that glow in the dark paint. And given my handwriting I am definitely looking for a calligrapher to do all the writing part ;)

Cheers !! Hope you too have an amazing and eventful Valentine's day.

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