Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Befikar Bucket List :D

Hi Guys

Imagine a lifestyle where you do not have to worry about petty things like money and you have this choice to explore everything and anything you want. 

How amazing the world and this life would have been had there been no worries, no limitations, no constraints?

The central idea to write about a bucket list without any limitations came from this advert from IDBI Federal Life Insurance.
I saw this advertisement a few days back and the idea was at the back of my head to write something of a bucket list without any limitations. 

I have named the post "Befikar Bucket List" because that's what you get with "Federal Life Insurance Whole Life". Now there is a way to achieve that unfathomable bucket list of yours. Check out this link for more information on different policies and schemes.

So the five activities/things mentioned below are what my bucket list would involve if there was no holding back of resources. 

1. Meeting AR Rahman  

The maestro has been the biggest inspiration in my life. The Mozart of Madras as we call him, has risen up against all odds and has made his mark on the global music industry. With two academy awards, few grammys and so many other prestigious awards in his lap, he has been the most humble and down to earth person I have noticed with such credentials. 

2. Travel round the world on a bicycle

Travelling has always been a passion. Exploring new places has always given me an adrenaline rush. And cycling is a hobby that always takes me to that serene place when everything else is not working out. So going around the world on a vehicle that brings me closer to myself as well as to nature has to be stupendous to say at least. 

3. Invent something to help mankind

Not to brag or anything but helping others gives me a different kind of high and obviously there is a feel good factor attached to giving. Maybe its these traits that have forced me to give more and more or maybe its something else. What I would want to do is invent something (I don't know what yet) that would help the whole mankind in some or the other form. 

4. Form a band, spread the love

To be in a band is every guy's dream and so is mine. To be in a band and to spread the message of peace and love is what I want to do. Being in a band, be it vocals, guitar or the drums, just being a part of it and having those amazing jamming sessions, band meetings and unprecedented performances. 

5. Dinner date with Richard Branson

To meet the man who has built more than 300 companies and discuss with him some of his life experiences one to one is the ultimate dream. The business tycoon is the most commendable person on the face of earth. In my opinion Virgin group has touched heights that no other company can or ever will and I give the full credit to its founder - Richard Branson.  

So these are the dreams, the wishes and the "to be achieved". Plan your future like you will live forever and insure your dreams insightfully. 

Hope you liked the blog. Dream on !!

Until next time. Ciao !!  


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