Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Relocate Quikr !!

Heyy Guys,


The post is about my experience relocating to Bangalore and how Quikr helped my relocating seem like a no worry affair.. The story is amazing and hands down quikr became a lifesaver and my favorite website.

It was after completing my Chartered accountancy course that I had no idea what to do further in my life. I knew I was interested in going for a job but what kind of job I did not know. I started exploring my interests and soon found out that I would not be into a regular boring accounting department job and cut that off the list.

I have had an infatuation for Bangalore since the last time I visited it with family, the city's so serene and paced that it pumps up your spirit and clears your mind. So that's how I decided that I would be moving to Bangalore.

Now the main problem was what would I do after moving to Bangalore, therefore I started out looking for jobs for a CA there. First went in for CA institute website and enrolled for campus placement at Bangalore, then signed in my LinkedIN account and shortlisted a few interesting jobs. All the while I was doing this I got a sense of limited opportunities so I tried to look deeper into the World Wide Web and came across http://bangalore.quikr.com/

I had known Quikr to a B2C website where in you could just sell things and stuff but to my surprise you can do a lot more than that. There is a separate "Jobs" section in there and believe me it is a life saver. As soon as I punched in my requirements, the screen was filled with millions of opportunities and I thought to myself that this is my kind of a scene.  
Soon I applied in 4 companies that suited best of my reuqiremnts and got a call back within a day from one of those. I had not been expecting such a fast turn around but it did happen and I was glad. Then I had an interview over the telephone. It went well and then the HR guys said that they’d have a final decision in a few days. 

I had a feeling that I would get into the company since the interview went as expected. And following my intuition I got an email 2 days later saying that I had been selected and would have to join from next week. 

Now the real problem was shifting from Jaipur to Bangalore in 5 days and getting settled in a whole new city. I was worried to my death and decided that I would take help of my new friend http://bangalore.quikr.com/
I packed my necessary stuff and left for Bangalore 3 days after the call.
I scouted out a place for renting first of all on Quikr and again to the rescue I was living in a decent apartment in 2 days after moving to Bangalore. 

So the saga continued and as it turned out I had set up my new rented apartment with all the necessities - AC, fridge, washing machine, a good mattress, a solid sturdy cupboard and all the things I can imagine freshly and amazingly from the sellers on Quikr.

It has been like a dream with things happening so fast but I really have quikr to thank to. 

PS - Relocate quikr with Quikr.com :)  

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