Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dar ke aage Jeet hai !!

I woke up in middle of December when the temperature is generally below 10 degrees, with sweat on my head and a fear in my mind. What I had just experienced was a dream,  but in reality it was a nightmare that had been haunting me since my childhood. 

The dream was utterly realistic and left me shattered and fear stricken even after I woke up. It was equivalent to my worst fears coming alive. 

It took me while to get back from my stirred senses. I couldn't talk to anyone about the dream as I live in a hostel and it would seem too lame to talk to my friends about how a dream had such a shivering effect on me. 

What I dreamt about was, I stood on a mountain more or less like a canyon. On one side were lush green steep forests and on the other side was a river flowing by. It seemed like a scene from some movie shot in Himalayas. Except in place of the actor I was the one on top of the mountain and suddenly my foot slipped and I was on my way down on to the river. I knew I wouldn't survive the fall and as soon as I hit the rocks, my eyes opened. 

This has been a problem since my childhood. I have a fear of heights among many other fears. This has made me suffer in more ways one can imagine. I have been curbing the amount of fun I could've had with my friends when they climb up a steep hill and are enjoying and I have to watch them from bottom wishing I too could do that, and there are so many more instances like this but I wouldn't get into details of my unconquered fears.  

 So I decided to take up on this and get rid of this once and for all. This is when I visited Bir Billing, India's foremost paragliding site. To take up on a fear is much more a tedious task than you would imagine. I had to practice a lot for paragliding along with the instructors and after 7 days of nerve wrecking practice I had my first flight at 6 in the morning. 

The sun was just appearing from behind the hills, I had the whole village of Bir to cover while paragliding. I got my gear on and was getting ready for my first flight very nervously. Seeing this my instructor came to me and pepped me up a little and reminded me of my objective of getting over my fear and handed me a Mountian Dew cheering me up with "Dar ke aage Jeet hai". And then there I was on the edge of the mountain when this amazing chill went through my whole body and I knew that I was no longer afraid of heights and then I looked down to mesmerize the breathtaking view I had below me. 

It was the most amazing moment of my life. Getting over fear is not an easy task but when you do that there is no greater joy. 

For me that was the day I got rid of my phobia. See another such example of amazing courage from Superstar Arya in the new Mountain Dew commercial below. 
Also log on to for more such amazing fear conquering tales.

Hope you enjoyed the post. See ya. And remember Dar ke aage Jeet hai. Cheers !! 

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  1. Wow awesome story. I am totally impressed. I too have the same fear of heights and do not knew how to overcome this. Your post helped me a lot and I guess this will definitely work out...Thank u so much for the supportive and inspiring story....