Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Revive the touch

Relationships are complicated. We all know that. The phases in a relationship come and pass, all they tend to leave us with, are memories. The sparks dull after a time. Finding someone special to spend the rest of your life with is much more complicated than it seems in the movies. 

But if you have got someone special in your life, you tend to work on that relationship and stop taking it for granted. It happens to all of us, after a while, our priorities change. We let life take over us and become a product of the system, giving the only original thing we had, LOVE !! 

This is a story of two of my friends. It was past summer, when Rohan & Anaida were going through  a tough time. Rohan had just migrated his job and Anaida was still a budding artist. Money wasn't an issue since Rohan had much saved up from his previous job, but because of the stress of this new job he had to give in way more hours than the previous one. Anaida worked for 6-7 hours on her gallery working on her art pieces but after that she was all alone at home. Rohan came from work very late and it was about the time they had to get some sleep. They couldn't talk to one another much except discussing how the day was. 
Anaida getting pissed at the situation that had taken over her life tried to change it and take control of it by planning on ways to overcome the awkwardness that had developed between her and Rohan. 

She came around this video campaign by http://www.pblskin.com/ called #BringBackTheTouch. 

This one video helped her understand just what she needed :

Give the video a look to get in on the real situation of Anaida, 
The next day when Rohan came home late from work, he was too tired to talk and after having dinner went straight to bed. Anaida having in mind what she needed to do, slipped next to him and hugged him gently, wrapping around her hands over him and holding him tight so that he could feel her warmth.

Rest is history and they have lived happily ever since :) 

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