Monday, November 24, 2014

Lucky 6 !!

Do you consider yourself lucky ?
Does your luck always favor you ?
Do you think you have that intuition that is required to be lucky ?

I have got just the game if you answered any of the questions above "Yes".
The game is called "Lucky 6" developed by Fat Cat Gaming.
Visit to download and know more about the game. Now !!

This is as easy as ABC. All you've got to do is select 6 of your favorite stocks and wait. If they gain the most, you win. I mean, what can be easier than this. If you have that lucky stride going on. Get going and select your favorite lucky stocks.

Enter my nickname - Sankalp as reference when you sign up for this amazing game.

For Indians this is a treat as they are launching this in India for starters and then globally. It has all Indian stocks as well, so you can have your pick easily and never be worried of not finding your favorite stock in there.

When you first install the app, you get to this beautiful homepage where you have to sign up. Use my referral for signing up. Then comes the password screen which looks like this :

Enter your password and log in to experience the awesomeness of Lucky 6. 
The best part about the game is you can win loads of stuff including huge cash prizes and luxury holidays. Isn't that great ?

  Here are some detailed screenshots on using the apps. It is really simple to use it.

Now isn't that easy. All you need is a bit of luck and some analysis and you could be on your way to a luxury getaway. How wonderful is that ?

The best part about the app is in India where betting is illegal and there is no such thing as online betting, this is a great way to try out your luck and in return win some cash :)

Lucky 6 as the name suggests is getting lucky by selecting 6 of your luckiest stocks and then praying that they gain the highest.
The app has some other games also which will be launched soon. Some of it are quiz based in which you just answer a question and wait for your luck to kick in.

This may be the easiest money you would have ever earned. I really found this super cool.
The developers are crowdfunding this app which is a great way to source in finances. They have a very unique concept, which will surely help them get to their goals and soon the app will be flourishing in my opinion.

What are you waiting for. Get installing and get playing :) 

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