Friday, August 21, 2015

The new speedy in town - Airtel 4G

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This one's about the hot topic of this month. In one of the biggest roll-outs India has ever seen, Airtel unleashed its supremely powerful 4G network and that too in more than 250 cities across India at once which makes it the solo operator to have such an immense 4G coverage. 

This is when I had lost all hopes that India would get the internet speeds like the US or the Europe, that Airtel finally comes with this. 
The internet has come a long way from those beep bop dial up connections to broadband to 3G and now to the best of them all - The Airtel 4G. Gone are those days when you had to wait for 6-7 hours for a movie download, gone are those days when you had to wait for 3 hours to watch the new episode of your favorite sitcom. All credits to 4G. 

The cherry on the cake is that they are providing free 4G sims to everybody at a tweet at their doorsteps. It does not get better than this. You think ? Think again ! 

The best part about the Airtel 4G is the pricing they have kept. They are offering 4G at the price of 3G. How cool is that ? This gives Airtel an edge over all its competitors, with the largest network around the country and now with the the 4G rollout, I don't think anyone even has a chance. 

You must have seen those adverts on the television or the internet about how Airtel 4G kicks ass of every other internet provider. Well, that true. Try it to believe it. I just downloaded a movie in the time I wrote the above 5 lines. 

What excites me even more than the faster internet are the prospects of finishing up things faster than before. You can watch those video tutorials faster than before, without any buffering and that too at 1080p. You can have those heavy excels and PPTs downloaded in blink of any eye. Getting work done faster was never this easy. 

Internet speed has always been a concern in India. With those 512kbps unlimited plans people were getting impatient. It was barely enough speed to browse several things at once, not to mention multitasking was something you could have never thought of. What was required was a stable internet that could provide high speed at all times, when you were home, when you were travelling and even when you were on a vacation in the mountains. The Airtel guys seems to have sorted all this. 

And if you don't believe what I have written so far, there something for you that might interest you. Airtel is challenging anyone and everyone with faster speed than their's and if you beat them they pay you phone bills for an eternity. Ohhhh yeahhh !! You heard it right. Think your network can beat it ? Log on to and try it out. 

But I am sure that your network will stand no where near Airtel's. Ciao !

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