Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just another Nokia Fanboy !!

 #SMWreporter Why me??

It all started 13 years back when Nokia launched the “INDESTRUCTIBLE NOKIA 3310”. It was love at first sight. I wasn’t a teenager then that I could show off or flaunt a mobile phone. But the phone took my breath away the first time I had a chance to fiddle through it. The never ending battery life which is valued more now than ever, the amazingly amazing Snake II, the sturdy feel, the melodious ringtones were the features that caught my eye and made me a Nokia Fanboy forever. 

Then came the teenage. Year 2007. Nokia was leading the boards now. The all new Nokia N95. A unique slider phone with unimaginable capabilities. A 5 mega pixel Carl Zeiss lens that could take pictures clearer then the digital camera. The phone made me fall in love with Nokia all over again. 

Present – I am using the world’s most innovative smartphone. My Lumia 920, using the city lens to browse through places to visit, using the smartshoot to make things look unreal. Windows 8 compliments the phone more than any other phone. The classy colors are making life more colourful everyday, the amazing entertaining features keep me busy all day. I am connected 24/7 no matter what. Mobile phones are my life. Nokia has made it worthwhile.

Now back to the question, Why me ?

Because I am a fan. Simply a true fan among other millions who see and know how much potential Nokia carries and the effect that it can have, not on a nationwide scale but on global scale.
I have been using Nokia for more than 10 years and have switched through around 12 Nokia phones and 5 others. But the loyalty has always been towards Nokia. It breaks my heart when Nokia does not do well. It gives me goose bumps when it is about to launch a new product. It has been part of the family.

About me – I am Sankalp Sodhani. I am from India. 21 years of age. A potential #SMWreporter if you ask me ;) . I am what you would call a voracious reader, a movie buff, a sitcom freak, a social media addict, an automobile enthusiast, a traveller, a wanderer. 

How I could be an asset – Human mind is a funny thing, so is mine. Ideas keep popping, but can’t be materialized due to lack of initiative on my part and partly due to lack of a platform and no audience to explain the ideas to. I believe that every one of us has an innovator inside. I would like Nokia’s help to bring that out of me. What better platform than the SMW. I could learn a lot and provide my valuable inputs if given a chance. And now that this is going international, it lures even a better part of me to try harder. 

Also handling the new Nokia Lumia 1020 would be a great opportunity. Would love to go around the world and click the largest social media conference. 

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